In the current presidential administration, CRASE recognizes the need for research and scholarly activism that confronts and advocates for urgent social issues. The CRASE monthly Scholar Activist Writing Group provides a space for producing public scholarship such as op-eds and blog writing. New and seasoned writers are invited to collectivize around issues emergent from the incoming presidential administration. During the two-hour session, writers will pitch and draft ideas and receive feedback. Brief discussion sessions will focus on how to best communicate advocacy in the form of public scholarship and guidance for the submission process. The majority of the time will be spent writing and lunch will be provided.

Tuesday 3/21 11-1pm Zief Law Library – Terrace Room
Tuesday 4/18 11-1pm UC 402/403

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CRASE Resources

Information from the OpEd Project
Rick Ayers: How to come up with an interesting and meaningful blog post or public scholarship
CRASE Going Public with It: Blogging and Advocacy for Social Justice

Examples of USF Public Scholarship

Jennifer Dever: Arguments against Natural Areas Program, biodiversity are flawed
Alice Kaswan: As court weighs clean power plan, rule’s approach could reduce carbon emissions, improve public health
Genevieve Negrón-Gonzales: Democracy for Some, Not for All
James Zarsadiaz: Why candidates should court Asian American voters

Past Events

Going Public With It: Blogging and Advocacy for Social Justice
In this workshop, Huffington Post blogger and USF Professor Rick Ayers shared writing prompts and exercises to break writers block, to connect with readers, and to promote extended public discourse in crucial issues.

The CRASE OpEd Project
At the end of Spring 2016 semester, 20 faculty members from each school and college participated in the CRASE OpEd Project where they developed ideas for public scholarship by considering evidence-based arguments that are timely and have public value. During the two day workshop, participants learned about establishing credibility, structures of op-eds, and tips on refining and pitching their ideas.