Hello everyone!

My name is London Harrah. I was born and raised Fresno California. After high school I joined the military and was able to travel the world while serving my country during my 8 years of service. My job designation in the military was an Aviation Boatswain-mate Equipment who work on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier launching and recovering aircraft. But 5 of the 8 years serving I was assigned to the Air Traffic Control tower on the USS Carl Vinson. Upon the end of my contract I went back to school and got my BA at San Jose State University in Communications. I got my Private Pilot License at JB Aeronautics at Fresno International Airport and I am now attending the University of San Francisco pursing my MA in Professional Communication.

I also have an 11 year old son who means the world to me. There is no bond closer than the one my son and I share and that is my pure motivator for everything that achieve in life.

I plan on continuing my flight school to become a Professional Pilot working for a major airline upon completion of my training while also teaching communications at the university level. Raising my son, flying, and sharing my knowledge are two things I am most passionate about and I am dedicated to achieving my goals while maintaining good health and a happy soul.


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