Feb 4th Class Discussion

London Harrah, Neha Harve, Briana Verdugo

As a communicator across cultures we agreed that it was important to understand that it will be a challenge to go against the grain and go against tradition in order to bring change. For example, a person growing up in a predominately African American community will not understand if someone like them were partaking in activities that they as a culture don’t normally do such as snowboarding. It takes a lot for one to be comfortable being oneself, but the reward reaped will be worth the risk because it will break the chains that are restricting people from seeing their potential.

Acknowledging the privilege that one may feel as a communicator is something that brings awareness to the privileged people in the community. It if you are the one in the room who doesn’t feel that you have to conform to the environment then it is important to bring to attention to that privileged group of people which will create just change just as the groups that are challenged, but still striving to bring change.

Talking circles of Native Americans is a great method that could be used by communities by communicating stories with one another and creating an awareness of both perspectives. This will give an understanding to both communities whether challenged or privileged.

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