November’s Monthly Tip!

Happy November, Dons! It’s almost time for Thanksgiving break! I hope you’re all ready for good company and good food! This month’s tip is:

Learn Time Management!

I know we’ve all heard the familiar phrase about balancing our time and prioritizing our interests but it has always been easier said than done. In order to avoid last minute cramming, use the free time you have to set realistic goals for your study times. Always try to review your notes each day as doing this will allow you to retain the content you’ve learned. As college students, our lives are hectic and our career goals are our main objective. Sometimes, we become so involved in our extracurriculars and work that we forget to leave time for studies and anything of the sort. Just the same, sometimes we prioritize our studies more than the things we have dedicated ourselves to on campus. Creating a balance between the two can be a daily struggle but it is always something that can be grasped. Not only that but being able to manage time for ourselves is difficult. Use the free time you have to plan out how to effectively manage all your activities. In addition you can also do a few of these tips to help you know where to start with managing your time and studying effectively:

  • Read your notes
  • Make a To-Do List
  • Make flashcards
  • Rewrite your notes
  • Review highlighted information
  • Make up examples

Have a great November, Dons! It’s almost Christmas time!!!