January’s Monthly Tip

Welcome back to school! We hope your Spring semester goes well and always know The Learning and Writing Center is here to assist you whenever you need us!
This semester is filled with lots of events so make sure to manage your time well. Since this semester is a little shorter than last semester, many assignments and exams may come up sooner than you expected.

As we start off the school year, the LWC is here to provide you with a short tip to help you get this semester rolling.

Set up small, specific goals.

While it’s easy to be energized and ready to go as this new semester begins, there will be times where you may begin to procrastinate and lose motivation. When these things begin, learn to set up small goals! In order to keep yourself on task and to prioritize your time, setting small goals can help you meet deadlines better and help create less stress on yourself. You may get run down when things get stressful but setting up goals can help motivate you.

Good luck, Dons! You got this!