Write Out-Project 2

-I am going to speaking about the the importance of word choice when presenting data or evidence.

-I got this idea from reading this article that professor hunt sent to us a couple weeks ago about how this dude from uber uses specific words to describe the benefits of uber in  a very urban city such as san francisco He used words such as hope, change and kennedy to create this sort of positive vibe for uber within cities.

-So putting this idea in context of this class, if I wanted to argue that the panhandle is a good place to go on a date right, when I present the activities being done in the panhandle I could repeat the word couple or if I wanted to argue that the panhandle is good for kids I could repeat the word parents or emphasis the word safety

-Awareness of this aspect of the presentation of evidence is important to recognize so you guys as the audience aren’t fooled by all the fancy nice words that the presenter may be using to influence your opinion.

Class 8 post-More Makeup :))

So during this class we went to the library and lone mountain to give our presentations. We also, went to the bike workshop place to learn a little more about building bikes and bike culture on campus. I think overall, everyone did a pretty good job on the presentations but, what i really found interesting during this class was when we went to the workshop place. I found it interesting how all the found bikes parts are all brought there and they are all available for free, if you want to build your own bike.

Class 7 post-Makeup :))

So during this class we went on a really long bike ride from school to the ferry building and then cutting across at&t park and then ucsf to speak with a research doctor. I think overall, the bike ride was a nice break from the typical panhandle or usf sort of area. I think we should go away from usf a little more as it well really make the class more refreshing and fun. I also, thought that our conversation with the research person was really interesting. I found it interesting how the uses of evidence that we are studying kind of stretches into the whole medical scene as well as day to day life.

Peer Analysis Project 2

I think overall I we all did pretty good. There weren’t really any presentations that were awfully awful but, there were a few standout presentations. I think the presentations that really stood out to me were the ones with powerpoint presentations. I think powerpoint are nice when it comes to stuff like, this because the visuals keeps the audiences attention. Especially for projects like these where the content may not be that interesting.

Self Reflection-Project 2

So I think what I did a decent job on the second presentation. I think what I did well was have pretty good body language and volume I guess but, what i struggled with was I guess was actually analyzing the evidence that I brought up in the article. This is important because this was basically the whole point of the presentation. I think for the next presentation I should analyze the ideas the I bring up a little better, I can do this by typing it out from the start and just spending more time overall on the project.

Individual Conference Project 2

Ok so I met with Professor Hunt in the Caf and it was the same format as the last individual conference. We discussed my project, how I was going to go about it, what I’m going to be talking about and he also like the last conference told me to provide background information for the article that I am going to be talking about.

Make Up Work!! Individual Conference for Project 1

So I couldn’t make it to then typical conference times so professor hunt and I scheduled a phone conference. We basically discussed what I was supposed to be doing and how I should be doing it. He told me to pick a video that interested me in any way and,using the readings that he assigned for us, analyze the video in terms of their credibility as pubic speakers. He also emphasized to explain the background info of the video as it will make the rest of the presentation more clear.

Outline-Project 2

So I will be talking about the importance of word choice when presenting data/stataitsics and how word choice can influence the audiences perception of the argument as a whole. I will be presenting this idea using the evidence we all collected like two weeks ago as a sort of medium and I got this idea from a article/ video describing how a speaker from uber is such a great presenter of evidence because of his ability to describe his data.