Beyond Bridges

Beyond Bridges: Israel-Palestine (Summer 2020)

Combining Comparative Conflict Analysis and Travel

In partnership with the University of San Francisco, the Center for Transformative Education is now accepting applications for Beyond Bridges: Israel-Palestine, our groundbreaking summer conflict transformation program designed for students of all backgrounds to explore questions of in

ternational conflict, identity, narratives, politics, and religion.

Beyond Bridges: Israel-Palestine is a summer program that takes university students to the Middle East on a journey of comparative conflict analysis and conflict transformation, combining rigorous academics and practical hands-on training with the intent to explore questions at the core of all conflicts. Through this process, Beyond Bridges: Israel-Palestine aims to create spaces for both personal and collective growth, helping students gain new understandings of the role they play in international conflicts and how this relates to their political identities. Moving beyond the stage of

practical peace agreements or “building bridges,” we challenge participants to look at long-term solutions to end inter-communal conflict.

This program is unique in several ways:

Comparative Approach. We utilize the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an entry point into re-examining and deexceptionalizing conflicts around the world, such as the conflicts in the Balkans and Northern Ireland.

Study Group. We consider each participant to embody particular social identities. As such, we not only engage with Palestinian and Israeli sites, speakers and presentations, and academic texts, but also have students study themselves and their location in the world.

Experiential Education. We travel in Israel and Palestine, exploring this region with local scholars, religious and political leaders, and activists. This gives participants insights and opportunities one cannot get from books alone.

Photos from the Summer, 2011 BBIP program:

Dates: May 18 to June 2, 2020
Language: Taught in English
Cost: $500 (non-refundable deposit; includes the program fee + r/t flight)* + travel insurance* + 4 academic credits**
Download the BBIP application forms and all other relevant documents from
* See Information Packet for details, found on the CTE webpage for BBIP-S20.
** USF will solidify this cost by December 31, 2019.
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