JSSJ Faculty’s expertise covers a substantial range of research fields and methodologies, within Jewish studies, as well as within a range of auxiliary fields such as anthropology, politics, and sociology.


The following articles, book chapters, and other writings are related to the JSSJ program, courses, and faculty:

Aaron J. Hahn Tapper
The Atlantic
April 7, 2023

Aaron J. Hahn Tapper
AJS Perspectives, 52–54
Fall 2022

Aaron J. Hahn Tapper and Ilana Sumka
Nonviolence in the World’s Religions: A Concise Introduction, eds. Jeffrey D. Long and Michael G. Long, 61–87
Routledge, 2022

Aaron J. Hahn Tapper, Ari Y. Kelman, and Aliya Saperstein
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 0(0):1–21
November 2022

Aaron J. Hahn Tapper, Ari Y. Kelman, Izabel Fonseca, and Aliya Saperstein
The Jews of Color Field Building Initiative, the Concentration in Education and Jewish Studies at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, and the Swig Program in Jewish Studies and Social Justice at the University of San Francisco 
May 20, 2019