Date: 04/08/20



900–918 Coopers Ave, Corona US-CA 33.89521, -117.54194


Site description:

Once again, I took a stroll in my neighborhood due to quarantine so the terrain remains the same- there is a park that contains some coniferous trees and shrubbery. The path I take also contains some shrubbery and a few long hanging trees along the way, along with the houses. The key bird species is again the crows and ravens.


Species account:

The species that I chose to look at this week was the Mourning Dove. I spotted these doves when I walking through the park in my neighborhood. I recognized their beige-colored bellies as they were flying around. Mourning doves have very chunky bodies when sitting, small heads, and pointed tails. They also have noticeable dark spots on their wings. The terrain that I found them in actually coincides perfectly with where they are most commonly found- near shrubbery and trees in the suburbs. They are unique in that they feed almost entirely on seeds alone. Mourning doves generally mate for life.

Mourning Dove - Ryan Schain



The day was quite better than the past few days have been. It was a sunny day in what had otherwise been a rain-filled week. I left the house at 4:31pm, which was a bit later than I had planned but I had some errands to run. I had just taken out my dogs before to get some fresh air, so this was my second time around. There were actually quite a few people outside that I saw on my walk. I figure people want to get as much fresh air as they can with everything going on. I was forced to wear a mask and practice my social distancing but luckily it did not interfere too much with my birding.


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