Happy Fall 2018!

Nice to see so many familiar faces today at Convocation, and many more new to come on Tuesday. As was mentioned in both Fr Paul’s Convocation talk and Dean Camperi’s College address, the work on Engineering is full-speed ahead.

A newly expanded Engineering Curriculum Committee will start meeting in late August, hitting the ground running with updates and tasks to help solidify the curriculum. At present the idea is still to offer a single undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering (non-specific), with the possibility to pursue a concentration in one of four areas: Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Sustainable Built Environments Engineering. These four were developed based on current strengths in the College, and more can certainly be added as we discover or develop other areas of demand.

In case you are wondering, there are a number of universities out there which are liberal arts colleges offering an accredited B.S. in Engineering, such as Swarthmore, Lincoln U, Davidson College, Harvey Mudd and more. We intend to provide a thorough liberal arts experience with practical professional training so that our graduates have a great shot at graduate school or employment as well as a sustainable approach to lifelong learning.

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