summer work

The team returning from the Olin workshop was so inspired and energized that we are continuing work over the summer to keep up the momentum. By the end of summer 2018 we hope to:

  • have a new draft of the curriculum overall form with mapped concentration areas
  • investigate what’s needed to make integrated courses (co-taught) happen at USF
  • have a new draft of Program Learning Objectives and Student Outcomes (these are the terms used by our accrediting body, ABET)
  • map proposed courses to existing USF courses
  • define curricular needs for the proposed engineering-related spaces in Harney
  • assist with messaging about the program for marketing and admissions counselors who will be going out to high schools in the fall
  • draft an overall assessment framework so that we can meet ABET accreditation when the time comes (immediately after the first class graduates)
  • send in a New Program Proposal through the CAS curriculum committee (using Curriculog!)

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