SPEECH RESPONSE 9/9/2020 Group:

He uses pathos at the beginning of the speech as well as throughout it by changing his vocal tone to appeal certain emotions within the speech.

The speed of his speech when highlighting the main ideas were much faster paced and direct message to the audience.

He uses ethos by using hand gestures and facial expressions to show strong persuasion and interest to the audience.

He also uses ethos by talking about personal experiences to help relate to his audience.

“Sometimes all people want is to be human” – He points out that sometimes all people realy desire is to be heard and most of the time he notices things and keeps quiet because he feels that his voice is not validated by others.

He uses logos to talk about some historical events in the past that play a strong role in his speech.


Speech video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiKtZgImdlY

Group:Alisha Mwanza and Meijing Zhao





Something I feel very proud about and what I do on a daily basis is make music. I like to go around to nature spots and gain inspiration from everything. Birds especially are make some of the most beautiful sounds. It may be strange to say so but it makes the music flow so much better.

Music makes me feel a certain way thats different than any emotion I have felt in my life. I really love to explore the boundaries of my creativity and find new ways to create unique songs.



My full name is Aditya Kumar. In India, the name Aditya is globally used throughout many parts of India, and popularity in the name grew rapidly from 1998 to 2018. Aditya is a name in Sanskrit which is one of the earliest forms of language. The name means the sun in reference to the sun god named Surya. Kumar, on the other hand, means a prince, a son, or a chaste. It was actually the 11th most common family name as of late 2011.

I used to always be embarrassed by my name, not due to my name in general but how countless people would mispronounce it. Whenever I used to play golf tournaments, some people would unintentionally butcher my name. Once I started making music, I figured there should be a change.

Instead of giving myself the name of “Lil something” I took “K” from Kumar and put it in front of my first name. I took out the last three letters to make the name Kadi and that is what I go by to this day. As my music evolved over the years, people from the local high schools began to catch on and in a matter of months, my name became the most talked about in the community. In a way, yes I did make a new name for myself, but it really is just my full name switched around.


For those of you who do not know me, I am Aditya Kumar and this is my intro. Ever since the age of 6, I’ve loved to play golf as my dad would take me out to the range and the golf course every weekend. My life was filled with loads of golf and over time it went from just playing for fun to committing myself to golf and playing in college. I played on the golf team at USF for my freshman year and it was a blast. Another thing I focus on the majority of my current days is making music. I have also been making music for years and I have just recently started reaching out to global artists, producers, and agents in bigger corporations. Many of my friends have got signed and I have a goal of making it to LA by the end of the year to push this career and music I got and really make something of it.

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