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On this page you can find a list of some of my publications and presentations, with links to more information, web versions, or PDF downloads.  For items that are copyright restricted, full text downloads may not be available.  This page will be updated periodically.

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Journal articles (partial list)

Cheslock, J. J., Hughes, R. P., Frick Cardelle, R., & Heller, D. E. (2018). Filling the gap: The use of intentional and incidental need-meeting financial aidThe Review of Higher Education, 41(4), 577-605.

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Op-eds (partial list)

Heller, D. E. (2019, May 6). Open Forum: Elizabeth Warren’s free college proposal is the wrong approach. The San Francisco Chronicle

Heller, D. E. (2018, February 9). After Michigan State: ‘Could we be next?’. The Chronicle of Higher Education, p. A29

Heller, D. E. (2017, January 4). Why Gov. Cuomo’s free tuition plan won’t help New York’s state of mind. The Hechinger Report

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Heller, D. E. (2016, November 16). Trump needs to shut down the vitriol he unleashed. San Francisco Chronicle, p. A10

Heller, D. E. (2016, July 31). Want college to be affordable? Start with Pell Grants. The Conversation

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Heller, D. E. (2016, May 26). Trump’s higher ed proposals could leave poor students out of college. The Conversation

Heller, D. E. (2016, March 13). What I’m reading: The Secret History of Wonder Woman. The Chronicle of Higher Education

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Heller, D. E. (2015, January 13). Free access to community college benefits students but not the nation. The Conversation

Monographs (partial list)

Heller, D. E. (2014, September). College affordability and the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act of 1965.  Cambridge, MA: Scholars Strategy Network

Heller, D. E. (2013, June). The role of Pell Grants in an era of rising tuition prices. Reflections on Pell: Championing social justice through 40 years of educational opportunity (pp. 64-67). Washington, DC: The Pell Institute for Opportunity in Education (PDF)

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Presentations (partial list)

Heller, D. E. (2019, June). Social mobility: What are we trying to measure? 2019 Social Mobility Symposium, Norfolk, VA

Heller, D. E. (2017, March). Higher education financing: A global perspective, Education Finance Council 25th Annual Membership Meeting, San Diego, CA

Heller, D. E. (2016, November). Accessibility, affordability, and attainment for underserved, underrepresented, and under-resourced educational populations, Beyond the Bicentennial: The Promise of Vincentian Higher Education, New York, NY

Heller, D. E. (2016, October). Clinton’s tuition free proposal: Would it work and what would it mean for California? Center for Studies in Higher Education and Institute for Governmental Studies, U. of California Berkeley

Multimedia (partial list)

USF Provost Don Heller on the college admissions scandal, KRON4 News, 3/12/19

USF Provost Don Heller on Preparing for the Unthinkable: After Michigan State, Navigating Change Podcast, 5/22/18

Clinton’s tuition free proposal: Would it work and what would it mean for California?, U. of California Berkeley, Center for Studies in Higher Education and Institute for Governmental Studies, 10/26/16 (YouTube)

Leadership Profile, USF Board of Trustees (Vimeo)

The impact of student debt, CGTN America, 7/29/15 (YouTube)

Introduction of and speech by Carlotta Walls LaNier, Michigan State University College of Education Commencement Speaker, Spring 2014 (YouTube)

Perspectives on the Michigan Center for Educational Research, U. of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy, 1/17/14 (YouTube)