April’s Monthly Tip!

University of San Francisco
Photo: Steve Babuljak / babuljak.com

Can you believe it, Dons? We’re almost done with another semester! Here’s another tip to keep you on your feet:

“Break the task down to lessen the sense of being overwhelmed. Once you start to enjoy an accomplishment or two, you’re more likely to keep going and finish.”

As the end of the year approaches, our list of to-do’s just gets longer and longer. Events are happening, exams are coming up, papers are due! It goes on and on. Don’t slack though! Procrastination can be fun at times but it can also be your worst enemy. Stay alert and on top of your studies, and push through these last few weeks! Take one task at a time and the more you knock priorities off of your list, the more you’ll be able to breathe a little. Push through, Dons! We’re more than halfway there! Always remember that in these next few weeks of stress, the LWC is always here to help you out! Don’t hesitate to stop by for an appointment! We got you.

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