Eloise Westbrook in 1968 speaking at a protest in support of students. Image courtesy of SF Call.

Eloise Westbrook was born in 1915 in Waco, Texas. She moved to the Bay Area twelve years before she earned her position as President of the Bayview–Hunters Point committee. In 1955, she was part of the staff of the Hunters Point poverty board. She was a mother, a grandmother to 15 children, and an active advocate for the San Francisco community. Continue reading “ELOISE WESTBROOK”


Earl White as depicted on the Inspiration murals. Image courtesy of Josef Norris.

Civil rights activist and entrepreneur Earl H. White was born in the small city of Muskogee, Oklahoma, in 1934. Around the age of ten, White moved to San Francisco. He received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of San Francisco in 1963. Continue reading “EARL H. WHITE”


Eugene E. White was an internationally celebrated artist. Image courtesy of Lynnette A. White.

Revolutionary artist Eugene E. White was not afraid to depict the truth regarding race. His work unabashedly celebrates Black culture and art while faithfully encapsulating Black history and Black lives. White’s legacy as a creative thinker captivates and inspires people not only in San Francisco but also all over the United States and the world. Continue reading “EUGENE E. WHITE”


Reverend Cecil Williams has directed Glide Memorial Church since 1963. Image courtesy of Red Carpet Bay Area.

Cecil Williams is an activist and pastor whose work positively impacted the Tenderloin and the City of San Francisco. He pastored for decades at the celebrated Glide Memorial Church on the corner of Ellis and Taylor. Rev. Williams was responsible not only for expanding his church, but for using it as a catalyst for change. Continue reading “REV. CECIL WILLIAMS”


Henry Williams as depicted on the Inspiration mural. Image courtesy of Josef Norris.

As a civil rights activist and founder of a majority African American police organization, Henry Williams was a key motivator in improving relations between the San Francisco Police Department and black citizens. Born in 1927, Williams’ path to becoming a police officer and changemaker began in his youth (Copeland). Continue reading “LIEUTENANT HENRY WILLIAMS”


Lt. Colonel Theodore Wilson was a Tuskegee Airman. Image courtesy of SFGate.

In 1942, Lieutenant Colonel Theodore A. Wilson was drafted into the United States Air Force, where he began a decorated career as a Tuskegee Airman. Through his courage and bravery, he defied the stigma of a black presence in the armed forces. Wilson’s 26 years of active duty, through World War II and the Korean War, is a unique and inspiring story that stands as a historic beacon of black excellence in the midst of the outrageous circumstances of war and domestic injustice. Continue reading “LT. COLONEL THEODORE A. WILSON”

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