Field Journal #7 – Edgewood Park

Location: 231 ft | 37.473, -122.278

The trail began at a parking lot and crossed a small wooden bridge before traveling up a path towards some rolling hills in the distance. Much of the first portion was under the shade of trees while the latter half was more open in the hills and pastures where we found some disturbed serpentine areas. The area presented a lot of previously identified species but we could now see a number of new species and even families not observed before. Parts of the trail were significantly different to one another which provided different ecosystems upon which the species could thrive. We left around 1:10 PM and left near 4:25 PM or so to attempt to beat the oppressive temporal regime imposed by our overlords over at Google. Sadly we were only able to break-even thanks to the redirection of traffic thanks to the the very same puppeteers. The day was mildly cloudy with a slight breeze and began to rain on our trip back but with no problems otherwise.

Plantago erecta | California plantain

Habit: Herbaceous, extremely proximal to ground, whole plant was near 5 inches tall
Leaf: Long elliptical or lanceolate, acute, entire margins, basal, parallel venation, thin
Repro: Petals translucent, small flowers, small inflorescence, pseudo-reflexed petals, oval to round petals, bracts present, capitulum-like, parts of 5?
Location: In an open area with lots of other species, off the path, pervasive

Layia platyglossa | Tidy Tips

Habit: Herbaceous, acutely hairy, purple stem, weed-like, proximal to ground to bush-like height
Leaf: Leanceolate-like, lobed or highly dissected, opposite, raceme-like
Repro: Determinate flowers, flew flowers, largest component, obvious disk flowers
Location: Immediately off path, found in edges of pastures or in disturbed areas

Sisyrinchium bellum | Blue eyed grass

Habit: Herbaceous, proximal to ground
Leaf: Lanceolate, parallel venation, alternate,
Repro: Bracts, striped petals, 6 petals, petals obtuse/blunt with pointed or acute ending
Location: Immediately off path, in small clusters


Get on I-280 S/State Hwy 1 S in Daly City from 19th Ave
Head south on 29th Ave toward Balboa St
Turn left onto Fulton St
Turn right onto Crossover Dr
Use any lane to turn slightly right to stay on Crossover Dr
Continue onto 19th Ave
Pass by Chase Bank (on the right in 0.8 mi)
Use the right 3 lanes to turn slightly right onto Junipero Serra Blvd
Use any lane to take the ramp onto I-280 S/State Hwy 1 S
Follow I-280 S to Edgewood Rd. Take exit 29 from I-280 S
Merge onto I-280 S/State Hwy 1 S
Continue to follow I-280 S
Take exit 29 for Edgewood Rd
Keep left at the fork, follow signs for San Carlos/Redwood City
Follow Edgewood Rd to Old Stage Coach Rd in Emerald Hills
Turn left onto Edgewood Rd
Turn right onto Old Stage Coach Rd
Turn left to stay on Old Stage Coach Rd

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