Field Journal #8 — Carson Falls

Location: 972 ft | 37.970, -122.645

The trail began from the road and went up through some forested areas and climbed further up through some plains and serpentine rich areas. The hike looped back around through some a different steep path with turn backs. Many species were not new but the abundance of all the species reminded us of how many  we recognized. We left around 1:20 PM and returned around 5:05 PM. The weather was warm and partly cloudy but overall on neither extreme.

Iris douglasiana | Douglas iris

Habit: Herbaceous, proximal to ground
Leaf: Long elliptical or lanceolate simple leaves, acute, entire margins, basal, parallel venation
Repro: Petals translucent, dissected-like flowers, large inflorescence, feathers weak petals, elliptical acuminate petals
Location: Near path, distrubed or open area, good sunlight exposure

Calochortus umbellatus | Oakland Mariposa Lily

Habit: Herbaceous, extremely proximal to ground, whole plant was near 5 inches tall
Leaf: Long elliptical or lanceolate, acute, entire margins, basal, parallel venation, simple
Repro: Petals thin, small flowers, truncate to acuminate petals, bract-like petals thin elliptical or lanceolate-like, parts of 3
Location: Far off path, extremely disturbed or open area, serpentine, extreme sunlight

Maianthemum stellatum | Starry False Lily of the Valley

Habit: Herbaceous, proximal to ground
Leaf: Long elliptical, acute, entire margins, alternate, one plane or ranked, parallel venation, thin
Repro: Petals extremely small, star-like flowers, elliptical petals, parts of 3?
Location: Immediately off path, amongst other plants, shaded



Take US-101 N and Sir Francis Drake Blvd to Bolinas Rd in Fairfax
Head west on Turk St toward Beaumont Ave
Continue onto Balboa St
Turn right onto Park Presidio Blvd
Continue onto Veterans Blvd
Keep left at the fork and merge onto US-101 N
Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 450B toward San Anselmo
Merge onto Sir Francis Drake Blvd
Turn left onto Pacheco Ave
Turn right onto Broadway
Turn left onto Bolinas Rd
Drive to Bolinas – Fairfax Rd/Fairfax – Bolinas Rd
Slight left to stay on Bolinas Rd
Slight left to stay on Bolinas Rd
Continue onto Bolinas – Fairfax Rd/Fairfax – Bolinas Rd
Turn right onto Kent Pump Road
Destination is on right after 2 mi

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