September 9th In-class Writing

Luji Zhao, Jiarun Li, Feng Lin.

Shuping Yang, a Chinese international students who graduated from the university of Maryland in 2017, gave a speech about how United States have more freedom than China. For the pathos of her speech, she use exaggerated motion and emotion to make audience feel curious about what is coming next. However, audience are curious how her speech are going to end ridiculously. Her ethos were that she represented most of the International students by her words, which she does have the authority to talk about the difference between China and U.S., but it doesn’t mean her point is correct. Her logos were that she uses her own experience about how she didn’t need to wear a mask after she arrived in U.S. to show how U.S. have the freedom to breathe. In addition, she came from a city that is famous of its fresh air in China. Her speech really made audience deeply think about what freedom is.

As I read through the discussion part, most people wrote about using personal experiences to deliver a credible article. Zhiheng Wang was a great example of writing using personal experiences. Zhiheng Wang’s idea was using his eye and his own feelings to tell the reader what he wants to deliver which is excellent for readers because readers can imaging what it is like to be at the writer’s perspectives. However, my main point of delivering credible ethos was using reliable resources. I mentioned in my text how to find reliable resources, because as a student, I always feel like my experience does not have the great authority in the industry. People would rather listen to what a professor wants to say than what I want to say. I think both of my ideas and Zhiheng Wang’s idea are great, it will be greater if we combine each other’s ideas. Using personal experience and official reliable context to build more credible ethos.


I think I want to talk about the story of how I created my first beat. It was before the pandemic, my friend once asked me if I can make beats for him because he knew that I played the piano for ten years. I said I could try to be his “producer”. So, this idea has been in my mind until the pandemic, I began to make it happen. I remember there was one night, I was listening to all kinds of hip-hop songs because in order to make hip-hop beat, I need to listen to this kind of genre. After I don’t know how many songs, a classical melody popped into my mind. So, I used the recording app on my phone to record me singing the melody. I repeated over and over, I figured, this is the first beat that I want to make. I went to bed late that night because I wanted to find the perfect instrument for this classical melody, and I did, it was cello. Because I love the shock and gloom that the cello brings. The second day, I started to find other range of sounds in order to fill the empty spaces. But I didn’t find too difficult to me until the drum part. because I have never played drum before, I barely know any pattern. However, it was not that hard with technology, with a thing called drum pad, I just need my fingers to play on beat and there are even easier way. But creating a unique drum pattern becomes a different story, I went on Youtube, learned about the basic concept of finger drumming. Then, imagination and creativity comes in. It was a sad and sorrowful beat. The drum part was like a man’s heart beat when he was extremely sad. Making beats taught me that never deny yourself because I could never know I can make something sounds great.




  1. My friend asked if I can make beats for him.
  2. Started to listen to a lot of hip-hop.
  3. Ideas came in and recorded.
  4. Reflected the idea from mind to reality.
  5. Got more creativity on the structure and melody of the beat.
  6. Finish the beat.
  7. Life lessons after making my first beat.

Meaning of Name

My original name is Jiarun Li, in Chinese fashion it is actually Li Jiarun because in China, we put our last name at first. Firstly, I got my last name Li because my dad’s last name is Li, which is my family name. Secondly, Jia means good things will happen in the future in Chinese. Last but not least, Run means wet, water, because it was raining when I was born.

I also have a English name, because it is so hard for Non-Chinese speakers to pronounce my name correctly. So I named myself Jasper, which stands for a precious green gem. This kind of gem hide inside rocks, no one can see its beauty until they cut open the rock. I understand this name as being as low profile as an unexplored Jasper. I love both my Chinese name and English name. In addition, the pronunciation of my two different name are actually sound similar.


My name is Jiarun Li, and I prefer Jasper as my English name because it represents a precious stone. I have been in U.S. for about six years, and I’m currently a second year economic major student. I didn’t go back to Shanghai, China, my hometown, this summer. I stayed in San Francisco near a beach and surrounded by hills. Back in my hometown, I lived next to a river but surrounded by buildings. I’m interested in music, I love to DJ and make beats. I also like photography, I like taking photos while hiking. This is me.

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