Day 2 (In class writing) – Ming, Kexin, Faye

After skimming through the responses, the ones that we think that stands out most is the person who talked about being a sports player and how he developed his skills. He used environmental sound effects (game sound effects) to his audio essay as well. Those sound effects made the audience and the listener feel that they are involved and part of the situation. Lastly, when he interviewed his coach, he recorded him which made things clearer, more reliable and more accurate.

On the other hand, one of the other responses had rap music involved and also pop culture. However, we feel that the rap music in the backgroud may have disadvantages where it might distract the narrator.

Moreover, this other person used her personal experience with the TOEFL test where she locked herself in the room in the four days ago before the test, the effots made by her helping her to get a satifisy practice grade. However, after registering for another class, the grade gets worse; a mood swing leads her to a low peak. After the self-regulation for a period of time, finally she passed the test. Moreover, the background music and inserted pictures can help the literacies become more vivid, and they all focus more on personal feelings and experiences rather than just telling audiences the story.

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