September 9th

Ryan, Kate, Daisy

Pathos: The most dominant appeal in the video. The video garners sympathy from the viewer by having the kid point to the stars and say there’s mom. The dad in the video is doing all this work and is overloaded. However, Zillow helps him with their easy to use style. A single parent watching this video would relate to these issues and be moved towards using Zillow. At the end the grandparents came in the new house which shows the family as happy. This brings joy to the viewers.

Ethos: The only real ethos is showing the Zillow website of the house. The whole story happens because of Zillow. This shows Zillow is actually doing these things.

Logos: There is not really any appeal to logos. There are no facts or statistics used in the video.


September 2nd: In Class Writing

I read Amani’s response to the reading.


  • We both discuss the various aspects of Ethos
  • Real world examples are included
  • Both agree it is important to be trustworthy and appear credible


  • Amani’s post is more organized than mine
  • I talk about what I can do personally, Amani talks about a more general way to use Ethos
  • Amani talks more about questioning messages and judging the accuracy of them

While I am more describing the chapter, Amani talks a lot about why we question messages and how to effectively use ethos in an argument.


August 31st Freewriting

The first thing that popped in my head was my senior soccer season. This is something that will live in my memory for a long time and is very painful. It is the most recent thing that I think really affected me. I read over the literacy narrative suggestions and when I saw challenge that I failed it hit deep. My senior season was a joke and I have plenty of regrets and anger associated with it. It started out terribly, it had a brief moment of happiness, and then utter heartbreak. I don’t want to spoil the story if I end up writing about it so I’ll leave it at that. Sorry not sorry

The other major thing that popped into my head was a class I took senior year. It was a dual enrollment college course at my high school and it was easily the hardest class I ever took. Again it ended with me failing. At the time I was pissed because it was the lowest grade I had ever received and I felt a little wronged. But as time went on I realized that wasn’t the case and I learned to accept the experience and grow from it. God that class was hard.

I read through some suggestions and one of them was about learning a language. Well I learned French in high school (all four years) and loved the class to death (except freshman year). The teacher was amazing (besides freshman year) and Madame Barley is the GOAT of teaching languages. I think the best part was the class atmosphere, the people in the class and the teacher were amazing and we were a group that really enjoyed being around each other. Oh and I guess we learned a language too (some of us learned, Devin just kinda vibed). The reason why this isn’t something I’d want to tell a story on is because there isn’t a big challenge or struggle. Not gonna lie, the four years were pretty basic and I never really struggled. Even when my last term was online, it was not a challenge. So ya French is cool

Another cool suggestion said a play. For background, I was a sporty guy and never once thought about doing a play. Just my luck in AP lit my teacher forced us to do a play at the end of the year. Well I was like this is new and just accepted it because my friends also were forced to do it. Honestly this showed the power of being open minded and not hating something because of what you first think of it. Looking back it was a great experience because I got closer with people, didn’t look like a dumbass on the night we performed. Also I looked damn good in my French knight costume (baguette and a sword what could be better). For a month I had to learn my lines, learn how to act because the theatre kids in the class judged me 24/7. But it was a new experience and not a bad thing. Oh gotta go back to class now. Peace



First Slide: Before season hopes (Some soccer picture from right before senior year)

Going into senior year I was not the most optimistic, but I knew there was some hope we could bounce back from a horrendous junior season and potentially make the playoffs. We had a new coach and he appeared to be better than the last one.

Second Slide: Summer workouts/pre season scrimmages (picture of me in that glorious scrimmage)

Well the first sign of trouble was summer workouts. People slacked off and gave very little effort. Team chemistry was brutal and a couple fights broke out. We played a small school in a scrimmage and barely won, then we played a slightly better school and got destroyed. Wasn’t looking good

Third slide: Tryouts (maybe)

Tryouts showed a massive problem that would persist the whole season. First off I was a little stuck up because I was a senior and had nothing to play for. I still tried, but didn’t give near 100%. Second off a big fight broke out the last day of tryouts between a specific player and some poor soul. This would continue the whole season.

Fourth slide: First few games (an amazing picture of me riding the bench)

My coach made a questionable decision to focus on younger players and didn’t play the seniors as much. I was not his favorite because I was a two sport athlete and occasionally missed practice for cross country. We got killed in our first few games because team chemistry was a joke and (subjective) he didn’t play the best players.

Fifth slide: There’s Hope (picture after we won a game)

We won our first two conference games and suddenly things looked bright. Coach actually played me the full match and we won 2-0 in both. Coincidence, I don’t think so. The team wasn’t killing each other, so I think it was a win.

Sixth Slide: The start of falling apart (i’ll find a picture that fits)

Well practices started to get heated after those two wins. Fights broke out and the team had clear divisions. We started losing and team morale plummeted.

Seventh Slide: Hope dies (some sad picture)

We were struggling, but had a chance at the playoffs if we won critical games. We didn’t, we choked and we lost any chance at the playoffs. We lost 5-1 on senior night and I had one game left in my soccer career

Eighth Slide: Heartbreak (that sad picture at SEHS)

My final game came against our rivals South Eugene High. We couldn’t make the playoffs, but we could beat our rivals for the first time in five years. We played a good game in the first half. But mistakes were made and we lost 2-0. The worst part wasn’t losing, it was the coach pulling all the seniors in our last career game to let the younglings play. I was royally pissed (still am) and I acted like an ass. After the game I stormed off the field never to see that team again. I skipped the team banquet and kept my jerseys.

Ninth Slide: Looking back (i’ll come up with something)

Well I acted like an ass, didn’t try to fix problems I just complained and sat pissed off, and I should’ve at least tried to fix our problems. It is a learning experience because I played my heart out and it didn’t matter. I know I could’ve tried to fix the off field issues that plagued us. But I didn’t and I will live with that. I think it is a good lesson about how to deal with struggles and a learning experience.


Meaning of Name

My name is Ryan James Duncan. The name Ryan is a common Irish name, but my parents chose Ryan because they liked the smaller, simple name. James is of Hebrew origins, but my parents picked it because my grandfather’s name is Jim. Duncan is a Scottish surname and my dad’s side of the family has ancestors from Scotland. My last name was passed down because it is my father’s last name. For my first name my friends always make nicknames off of it. It is always Ry guy, Ry Ry, or RJ. The main thing that is always associated with my last name is Dunkin Donuts. My friends sometimes call me Duncan Donuts because of the company Dunkin Donuts. In addition, when I played basketball my teammates would call me dunking Duncan. This is a joke because back then I was the shortest player on the team and there is no way I could possibly dunk except on a toddler hoop. I would say I’m not embarrassed by my name. I’ve never changed my name and I do not plan on it. I love my simple name that is only four letters long. It is easier to write my name on assignments this way.



My name is Ryan Duncan and I am a management major

I am born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. Eugene is Tracktown USA and well known for the Hippie movement. There’s a lot of famous runners living here and that’s one reason why I’m a runner.

My top two hobbies at the moment are playing soccer and running. I run pretty much everyday and generally spend my days with very sore legs. Since high school soccer is over and my indoor soccer season is over I just train on my own most days. My legs spend most days in a moderate amount of pain.

I read most days because I get bored and want to take a break from staring at my computer. I read pretty much any book my dad gives me and I love horror books. Though I suffer from nightmares thanks to Stephen King and others.

Adventuring is one of my favorite activities. My friends and I just randomly get together and go do something. Generally a hike where we go off trail to find the best pictures and viewpoints. I have not fallen off a cliff yet, but don’t be surprised when it happens (Thanks Paulina Falls).

The most common thing I do is randomly car jam and sing songs that are definitely guilty pleasures. Every time I drive somewhere with my friends we end up screaming our favorite songs as we fly up and down I-5

So ya that’s me and there’s probably more I am forgetting


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