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EVENT: Tour du Fromage, 9/9

It’s cheesy, I know.

The Tour du Fromage blends San Francisco’s cycling community and our cheese community – two passionate and surprisingly connected groups. All cheese and bike lovers are welcome to join the ride. This year’s tour, presented by Velo Fromage, is benefitting the California Artisan Cheese Guild, in collaboration with the Third Annual SF Cheese Fest.

Learn more here:

Second Task for Class 9/12: Read These 3 Things

Aerial view of Panhandle, 1938. Photo Lun Esex.

The previous post asked you to join the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. Did you do it? Post a comment (below) and let me know.

For class on Tuesday 9/12, I’ll also ask you to read a few short selections and watch a few videos. As before, your goals are to:

  1. understand the main ideas of the readings individually
  2. connect ideas across readings & videos
  3. apply concepts from course materials to real life

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Meet at Gleeson Library Plaza

Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park

Good morning, everyone!

Today we’ll meet at Gleeson Library Plaza. Bring your bike!

On the agenda today:

We will start talking about our next module, focused on collecting, evaluating, and presenting evidence.

Project 1 presentations! This is going to be great.

Visiting the Freewheel Bike Shop (1920 Hayes St.)

Exploring the eastern part of Golden Gate Park

Possibly getting ice cream at the legendary Twirl-n-Dip ice cream truck in Golden Gate Park.

Preparing for Project 1 Presentation

screen shot of linked page
Screenshot of TED site

On Tuesday, you’ll speak to the class for 4 to 5 minutes (no longer), giving us your assessment of someone’s credibility. You pick the someone — but there has to be some connection to the wide world of bicycles.

Be sure to review the assigned readings, videos, and the credibility assessment handout from last Tuesday’s class.

Please read these instructions carefully:…-assessment-talk/

IMPORTANT: Using your phone or computer, make 2-3 recordings or yourself rehearsing your talk. If you want to get an A grade on this module, you should record 3. Post the recordings to YouTube (you can control the privacy settings) and submit the link to Canvas. Normally you would submit on the blog but that’s not working for some reason.

Questions? Feel free to call or text.

Giro di San Francisco

Every Labor Day (the first Monday in September), San Francisco hosts a bike race called the “Giro di San Francisco.” Giro is the Italian word for “tour” — in years past, the race went through North Beach, an historically Italian neighborhood.

Once upon a time, the race was known as the San Francisco Gran Prix, and some of the world’s greatest pros came to SF to suffer on the steep hills of Fillmore Street.

The Giro is now a relatively flat “criterium” race (meaning a lot of short, fast laps, which is great for spectators).

The Giro has caught the attention of Funcheap:

The race promoter’s event flyer is here:

Lots of folks take video while in the race: