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BY MONDAY Fourth Task for Class 9/12: Create Two Questions

In class on Tuesday, September 12th, we’ll visit the offices of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition at 1720 Market Street. We’re scheduled to meet with Executive Director Brian Wiedenmeier at 2 p.m.

We’ll learn a bit about the history of the SF Bicycle Coalition, its current projects, and its future plans.

Based on what you know (or would like to know) about bikes and public speaking, create two questions for Brian Wiedenmeier. I’ll share some of these questions with him in advance, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask some of them at the meeting.

A good structure for a question is:

“In class, we read about _______________. What is your opinion/ what is the position of the Bicycle Coalition on this issue?”

You can also ask questions that are specific to Mr. Wiedenmeier’s role. For example, “What are the main duties of an Executive Director in a non-profit?” or “What changes have you seen in San Francisco since you started here?” or …..

Post these questions to your blog. If your blog isn’t up and running, post your questions in the comments (below).

Sample questions:

We watched Dr. Fred Rivara’s TEDx talk, where he argues ______________ about bicycle helmets. What is the position of the Bicycle Coalition about helmets?

We read about establishing credibility with audiences. How do you, as Executive Director, establish credibility?

Second Task for Class 9/12: Read These 3 Things

Aerial view of Panhandle, 1938. Photo Lun Esex. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/

The previous post asked you to join the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. Did you do it? Post a comment (below) and let me know.

For class on Tuesday 9/12, I’ll also ask you to read a few short selections and watch a few videos. As before, your goals are to:

  1. understand the main ideas of the readings individually
  2. connect ideas across readings & videos
  3. apply concepts from course materials to real life

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V1: Introduce yourself

V1: My Public Speaking Career (so far)

awkward screenshot - close-up of instructor's face
I made a video with my phone… so can you!

Speaking of Bicycles
COMS 195-01 | Spring 2017 | Jonathan Hunt

due Thursday January 26, 2017

You’ll make a short video introducing yourself to the class, with specific reference to yourself as a public speaker. You should refer to the material in “Becoming a Public Speaker.” 

Your video should be less than 1 minute long.

The Purpose

This assignment has two main goals:

  1. practice, practice, practice

Success in public speaking takes practice. Many people avoid practicing because they have fear or anxiety about public speaking. Making videos is a great way to practice without having to bring together a live audience!

2. self-assessment and reflection

Talking about your own knowledge and experience can help you develop more accurate self-assessments. If you aware of and understand your own strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to plan and prepare your speeches more effectively.


In class, you wrote about your experiences with public speaking and your ideas about how to be successful as a speaker.

Think about what you wrote in class, and about what other students said in discussion. Using these ideas, write a few notes for yourself. You should try to focus on only a few key ideas or examples.

Use your phone or computer to record a short video introducing yourself to the class. Be sure to include key information (most importantly, your name and what you would like people to call you).

Make several different versions and choose the one you like best.

Remember, your video should be less than 60 seconds long.

Assignment Checklist

Short video, less than 60 seconds.

Introduce yourself to the class—be sure to include your name.

Tell a little about yourself as a public speaker: what are your experiences, your strengths, your challenges?

Or talk about bicycles.

Bring the video (on your phone or computer) to class on Thursday, January  26 — or, if you are able to get your blog up and running, post it there.