Module 3: Audience

The reason we speak up is to make an impact on an audience. The audience decides whether your ideas live or die. We often hear “know your audience”—but audiences are strange communities, and it isn’t always easy to understand them or predict their response. Some audiences are simple or homogeneous; some are complex and diverse. Audiences may be friendly or hostile. Careful thinking about audiences and communities will help you make the impact you want to make.

Major Speaking Assignment: S3: Audience and Community (4 minutes)—you’ll think about your credibility with different audiences and communities. In your talk, you’ll inform us about audiences or communities that are important to you, and strategize about how best to make an impact.

Module 3 focuses on Core Learning Outcomes 1 and 3:

  • Craft and present well-organized, thesis-driven speeches.
  • Deliver speeches using an audience-centered, extemporaneous approach.

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