September 16, Run-on sentences

Group members : Meijing Zhao, Runze Yu, and Ori Maior.

Passage 1:

A man from the city came to visit a small farm, –and– he saw a farmer feeding pigs in a very strange way. The farmer would lift a pig up to a nearby apple tree, –so– the pig would eat the apples directly off the tree. The farmer would move the pig from one apple to another until the pig was full, –but– then he would start again with another pig.

The man from the city was pretty puzzled –;– he watched for quite a while, and finally said, “What a strange way to feed pigs! It’s a –waste– of time! You could save a whole lot of time if you just shook the apples off the tree and let the pigs eat them from the ground!” The farmer looked puzzled and replied, “What’s time to a pig?”

Passage 2:

A young man –was– waiting in line at the bank. –He– developed a loud case of hiccups –which– Got worse and worse. By the time he got to the teller’s window, he couldn’t hardly talk. –He handed– the teller his check to cash.

The teller –was– tapping numbers into the computer–,– –and after– a moment looking up and frowning. “I can’t cash your check,” she said.

The man was shocked. “Why not?” he asked.

“The computer indicates you do not have sufficient funds to cover this amount,” she said. “In fact–,– our records show that your account is overdrawn by more than $5000.00.”

“It can’t be!”–,– –cried– the man. “–You’ve– got to be kidding!”

“Your –right–. I am,” she smiled. She started counting out his cash. “You will notice that your hiccups are gone –(without comma)– though!”

September 2nd, in class writing

I am responding to Abby’s post. I think she wrote really good, started with a nice introduction about the reading, explained well the question and then started her answer. I liked how she gave an example of Terry Tempest Williams, for establishing credibility, something that I did as well. Abby answered the question very good, in my opinion, and made sure that the reader understand how to construct authoritative ethos. I think I could give more examples from the reading in order to explain the question better.

August 31st free writing

Tomorrow is September 1st. This date was meant something special for me when I was younger. In Israel, the first day of September is the first day of school. So back at that time I had many feelings that came to my mind. The excitment and the unknown information usually made me anxious. But now, I look back at that times and I think I should have enjoy those moments more. One time, I remember that I felt sick that the 10 minutes walking to school from my home was seen not possible for me. But now, the time have passed and I am no longer learning in a school in Israel. My semester has started almost two weeks ago from now. As I got older, I try to think about school as a place that you can either waste all your time or learn, enjoy and meet new friends. This semester is very odd as I am studying from abroad via a computers and applications. But tomorrow I will not go to school. I have an important tennis match close to my home.

My story is about me coming to the US for the first time last January. I was having hard time at the beginning of the semester, both in classes and in the tennis. I had few matches that I was not able to play at the level I wanted to and got some bad grades. My story is really about learning and explore a new culture and how different is my connection with friends from the team and friends from home.

Wisconsin Reels After Police Shooting and Second Night of Protests

The authors of the article, Julie Boseman and Sarah Mervosh, are arguing about the use of the force of the law agencies such as police officers. They are giving the example of Jacob Blake, an African American citizen that got pulled over and shoe in his back 7 times. This is a proposal argument because the writer is trying to make the readers know about the ability of enforcement agencies to use their force against citizens. They are also bringing the fact that the governor’s proposal for measures for the use of the force by low enforcement, adding the importance to ban the use of chokeholds, and elimination of the use of “no knock” warrants, a type of warrant that gives to police officers to enter people’s homes without notice.

meaning of name

The meaning of the name Ori in Hebrew is “my light”. The origin of it is in the word “Or” which means light. It was given for me by my parents who tried to bring a child to the world for a long time and they say that when I was born I was their light. My last name “Maior” and I am not sure what is the meaning of it. When I first arrived to the US it was strange to hear people pronouncing my name. I think it’s hard for Americans to pronounce the “R” the same as I used to hear it here in Israel. But I was never embarrassed because of it. I never adopted a new name because I love my name.


My name is Ori Maior and I started my 2nd year at USF. My major is international business.

I play in the tennis team of the school but right now I’m staying at my home since March. I am living in the country of Israel and I love the area here.

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