What is it? A Post

For the purposes of this class, a “post” is a short piece of writing on a specific topic. Aim for 150 to 500 words, and include and image (photo, drawing, chart or graph, etc.) — who wants to read something on the web with no images?

pie chart showing majority of people think it is unsafe to ride a bike in san francisco
Images or figures are powerful tools.

Writing posts help you:

  • think more deeply and carefully about course material and concepts
  • organize your thinking
  • share your ideas with others
  • demonstrate that you understand and can apply course concepts

A post can be informal in style — you can approach it the way you approach in-class writing (set a timer for 10 minutes and write like crazy). If you choose this approach, I advise setting aside some time for gentle editing — maybe write for 8 minutes and refine/edit for 2.

Of course, some people like to write really really long blog posts. But that’s a real art form (or mania).

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