10 thoughts on “The World’s Busiest Cycling Intersection”

  1. It would be hard for people not from the area to understand the rules for bicyclists and drivers. For example, it wouldn’t be something you figure out on the spot that bikers get six seconds to go before the drivers and that drivers have six seconds to go after the bikers.

    1. Abby, I’ve observed this in San Francisco and I hope you get a chance to see it: some drivers are very accustomed to the bike lanes here (which are sometimes green in color), but some are unfamiliar and they drive or park in the bike areas.

  2. I think it is very interesting and important that the car drivers’ stop line is several meters before the bicycles’ lane so that the bike riders are safer because they are more visible to the car drivers.

  3. Brianna & Ashley: We think that there are many smart things being done to help drivers stay aware of bikes & ultimately create a safer bike community. We also think that the 6-second ahead stop lights are a good idea, along with the separate stoplights and wider bike lanes.

  4. i thought that the additional use of colour to seperate the bike lanes from the cars’ was efficient in that it also creats a clear visual aid for the drivers. making the riders safer.

  5. Its pretty smart to have a large blue line to mark the pathway for bikers to ensure safety and for there to be a specific light designated for bikers and one for cars.

  6. I’ve been to Copenhagen and I thought that it was interesting (and sort of weird) that so many people rode bikes. In LA, there are very few bike lanes and most drivers get irritated about bikers and bike lanes. In Copenhagen, however, they seem to welcome bikers with their safety precautions and regulations. I think that more cities should follow Copenhagen by having better rules of the road for bikers and for drivers to deal with bikers.

  7. Wow! I find it interesting that the street design for the bicycles to be in front of the cars during a red light is very similar to the way motorcycles are in front of cars in Taiwan.

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