To Do for Class Day 19 (Thursday October 27, 2016)

Class Tuesday 10/25/16

Today in class we had a sound glitch, so we weren’t able to watch and discuss the following videos:

Julian Treasure, “How to Talk so People Will Want to Listen” (we watched part of this in class a while back)

Will Stephen, “How to Sound Smart in your TEDx Talk”

Kai Lopez, “Here in my Backyard”

The goal for class was to discuss the delivery strategies illustrated by these speakers.

For Class Thursday 10/27/16

REMEMBER to meet at the intersection of Haight St. & Stanyan St. on Thursday.

If it’s raining, the ride is canceled — meet at the classroom instead. If you are not sure, text me.

For class, you have two tasks:

  1. Read “The Linguistics of YouTube Voice” (from The Atlantic magazine)
  2. Watch one video from column A and one from column B. Write a post to your blog thinking about YouTube voice — would it be a good strategy for you as a public speaker?
    (For really long videos, you don’t need to watch the whole thing… just a few minutes, enough to get a sense of the delivery.)
Group A Videos:

PBS Ida Channel, “Is Ron Dumbledore?”

John Green, “Understanding the Refugee Crisis in Europe, Syria, and around the World”

Tyler Oakley, “20 Emojis that Need to Exist”

Francesca Ramsey, “5 Tips for Being an Ally” (we watched this in class a while back)

Hannah Hart, “My Drunk Kitchen: Thanksgiving Turkey”

Group B Videos:

Global Cycling Network, “5 Skills Every Bike Rider Needs”

Sanelma Heinonen “Spokes Up!”

Seth’s Bike Hacks, “Critical Mass Bike Ride”

Isla Rowntree, “Teach your Kid How to Ride a Bike”

Robin Moore, “Performance” (not really a speech so much as a… performance)