David Byrne, Bicycle Diaries

For class on 4/6, read ONE of the two chapters from Byrne’s book Bicycle Diaries.

You can access the chapters via Canvas.

Reading David Byrne

David Byrne is best known as the front man of ’80s band The Talking Heads. YouTube it. Since then, he’s has become known as an artist, urbanist, and social critic.

Choose ONE of two available selections from his book Bicycle Diaries (2009) — San Francisco or Istanbul.

This link takes you to the reading page.

Reflecting on David Byrne

Post to your blog a response or reaction to David Byrne’s writing. Your response should have two parts and should include and image:

  1. Byrne mentions a lot people, places, and things. Google one of them. It could be Tacqueria Cancún, A Confederacy of Dunces, Topkapi Palace, or Binondo. Oh wait, Binondo is in the “Manila” chapter–you’ll have to get the book if you want to read about that. In your response, explain a little bit about what the person, place, or thing is. Byrne doesn’t really do that.
  2. Respond in whatever way you think is appropriate–but you should try to use Byrne’s thinking as a launching point… use his ideas as a starting place to explore your perspective on the world.