First Task for Class 9/12: Join the SF Bike Coalition

smiling woman on a black bicycle with red tiresTASK #1: In this class, there are no textbooks to buy.  However, you must join the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition as part of the class. To join, go to

Throughout the semester, we’ll look at the Bike Coalition’s work, analyzing spoken and written communication, as well an online and multimedia communication. You’ve already watched a video produced by the SF Bike Coalition: Rules of the Road.

The cost of a one-year membership is $35. If you join in September, you are entered in a raffle to win a bike!

You can also earn a no-cost membership through volunteer hours (10 hours in a 3-month period) — it’s called a “barter membership.” More information about this option at the SF Bike Coalition membership page.

We’ll visit the offices of the Bike Coalition during class on Tuesday, September 12, and we’ll meet Membership and Volunteer Coordinator Kelsey Roeder and Executive Director Brian Wiedenmeier, as well as other staffers. That evening, I plan to attend the monthly Bike Coalition Volunteer Night from 5-8 p.m.

All tasks for next class (9/12):

Join: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (

Read: Faigley, Introduction The Great Bicycle Deliriumand one article (you choose) from

Write: a post with 2 questions for SF Bicycle Coalition Director Brian Wiedenmeier


  1. Rivara, Importance of Bicycle Helmets
  2. Colville-Anderson, Why We Shouldn’t Bike with a Helmet
  3. Marshall, Talk Nerdy to Me

More details about these soon.