New Election Law Resource from LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation

In celebration of the upcoming Election Day, Zief Law Library presents a brand new, publicly-available voting law resource created by Lexis. Whether you have a deep interest in election law or simply want to keep abreast of legislative changes that might affect voting rights, the LexisNexis® U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center by the LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation is a robust tool to keep you in-the-know. This week, we take a look at some of its helpful features.

What is the LexisNexis U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center?

Transparency is a critical cornerstone of the Rule of Law. This voting law tool is provided by the LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation to provide citizens with free access to the most comprehensive collection of US voting laws, legislative developments, and news.​ LexisNexis® U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center

Did you know that 48 states and the federal government have or have proposed legislation that impacts voting laws? In an effort to provide transparent and free access to these important U.S. voting rights laws, LexisNexis’ Rule of Law Foundation recently introduced the LexisNexis® U.S. Voting Laws & Legislation Center, a public, first-of-its-kind analytic and visualization tool, combining full-text resources from other LexisNexis Products, such as Lexis+ and StateNet. This first-version of the tool gives lawmakers, journalists, non-profits, lawyers, academics, and the general public a full view of the over 20,000 existing state and federal-level laws across ten issue-based topics including:

  • Absentee Voting
  • By-Elections
  • Early Voting
  • Election Infrastructure
  • In-Person Voting
  • Voter ID
  • Voting Leave
  • Voter Registration
  • Voting Proof of Citizenship
  • Voting and Religion

In addition, the center features: a heat map of voting law activity; a comparison tool, allowing you to see a summary of permitted voting methods side-by-side with other states and the federal government; a search box, where you can look for proposed legislation, enacted laws, recently enacted laws, and failed legislation based on keyword, bill names, or sponsors; customizable, shareable, and downloadable reports to help visualize and present your analyses; a Proposed Legislation Tracker; and Voting Law News, powered by LexisNexis’ Law360.

What is the LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation?

The LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation is a non-profit organization that leverages LexisNexis’ data and technology, which serves customers in over 150 countries, to help globally advance the rule of law through projects reflecting four key elements: transparency, accessible remedies, equal treatment under the law, and independent judiciary systems. Its partnerships include: the Global Investigative Journalism Network, the International Bar Association, the United Nations Global Compact, and the Union Internationale des Avocats.


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