In Class Writing: Oct 23 (Video Essay Reflection)

Video Essay Points:

I thought it was interesting when they talked about it working on paper but not on film. They said that she needed to shift her perspective in order for it to work on film and I find when I am story telling it can be tough to make this point on film since you must tell the main points and not waste peoples times. That by contrasting and comparing points you must use compelling visuals to tell this and assume that people don’t just know this. People also lose engagement very fast and so starting off with a still shot for 18 seconds as one student does can immediately put people off and therefore lose engagement. It would be better to have a film start in motion and then when focusing on the main character then stop or have stills. Since when writing it can be easy to intense detail and have to reader take the time to understand this but when filmmaking you assume that the people know what is going on and take in the bigger picture.

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