In class writing: September 27th “Idioms”

Money Talks – in business terms if you want to get ahead of the line then you pay a little extra to whoever is in charge to have that privilege.

Kick the Bucket – An old man knew of treasure but kicked the bucket and took where he knew where the treasure was to the grave. Leaving others guessing where it was.

Looking daggers at someone – that someone is looking at someone with daggers in their eyes that they intent to mean business. In terms if someone is threatening someone else or someone intends to protect someone.

Back to the salt mines – In Siberia prisoners had to go deep underground to bring the salt back up. This now refers to going back to hard work labor.

A Flight of Fancy – This means if someone has a big imagination and comes up with new and big ideas.

I believe they have different meaning due to the fact of where their origins come from and how they have possibly transformed throughout American culture. Also how the individual forms the sentence which is important. They probably came from stories crafted throughout the years which have then been passed down from generation to generation. I like these because they spice up a conversation which also helps keep the person engaged in the conversation and is just plain fun and interesting to say.


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