In class writing: Oct 2

An article that I might use is “That Word Black” by Hughes which emphasis on the fact that the word black is used in many phrases and popular sayings such as when referring to Halloween it is bad luck to have a black cat. That a black cat is bad luck and I have even heard friends say that they keep their cats inside due to this reason to make sure people to not sacrifice or kill their cat. Though he only states this in the context of the word being in context to being black. Though this is not true. If you do research a black cat in the United Kingdom this is considered good luck. So in the bigger picture I feel the word black is not properly being represented. It is being placed as in context to a person though in reality it has nothing to do with that. It can also be interpreted that in the dark or black of the night it is easier to get away with things and that you are unseen. Which I believe is why the word black has many contexts and do not really have to do with a persons color.

I do not have the book on me so I can not give quotes right now though I did give examples of situations in text.

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