In Class Writing: Oct 18th

Indira, Kevin, Huating

Our group thought overall the college education is important so the individual can be informed and learn social skills and connections that will benefit in the real world. Education also helps with thinking critically and learn how to problem solve where in the real world the individual will be more prepared having a college education rather than just an base level of high school. Education is power since if we look at people who are in power in the country they are educated and have created their own legacies due to working hard and creating.

It also depends on the major that the individual has for example someone who majors in gender studies has less of a chance going into a successful field rather than someone who goes into business. Majors are useless unless someone knows what they want to do with that major and this applies to all people who are in college.

Though it can be debatable if the college is worth the cost these days. This also depends on what the individual wants to do with their degree. If they know what field they want to go in and this requires a college degree then this is of course beneficial though if they know they can be successful on their own without a college degree then the price of college can hurt them instead of being beneficial.


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