Final Exam Preparation

Final Exam Season is right around the corner, and with that comes plenty of preparation, stress, and excitement. The Zief Law Library is here to help and support you through it all. This week, we take a look at some resources geared towards law students and designed to help you manage exam stress and prepare for your exams. Good Luck!

Self-Care and Managing Exam Stress

Law school demands lots of unique dedication and discipline when it comes to studying and exam-taking. If you’re experiencing stress around exam time, you might check out these resources targeted to law school students.

Blogs and Reading Material

  • New England School of Law’s How to Deal with Law School Stress in Healthy Ways is a quick overview of healthy habits to incorporate into your busy schedule to relieve stress and anxiety over time.
  • Meditate! Professor Rhonda MaGee explores in her article, “Educating Lawyers to Meditate?” the role of contemplative practices in legal education and finds evidence in her students at USF Law.
  • Get outside! The Yale School of the Environment discusses time in nature’s therapeutic effects on brain and body, resulting in lower blood pressure, reduced nervous system arousal, and overall improves your physical and mental health.

Audio and Video

Zief Spotlight

  • Brixton, Zief Law Library’s favorite Golden Retriever, will be back on the first floor of the library! According to Lauren Powell, a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, therapy dogs help decrease students’ stress levels and achieve a stronger sense of belonging while lessening their anxiety. Give yourself a study break and spend time with your friends and a loveable Golden Retriever!

Preparing for the Exam

Review these resources to find study plans and course-specific materials.

Study Schedule and Exam Techniques

Course-Specific Guides and Practice Exams

Zief Spotlight

Zief Law Library is rooting for you!