Red Alert: Meet our new Program Assistant, Casey

Welcome back to the spring semester! We have a few changes in the Communication Studies Department. #1: We are actually using our social media again! Sorry for the silence over the past year. I was on maternity leave and sabbatical leave, so the social media took a leave with me. Oh, and in case you are new to the blog, I/Me= Doohan. I write/run all of our department social media. #2: I’m back, along with my colleagues Professor Thorson and Professor Ho, who have also been on leave. #3: Professor Jaquemet is now on sabbatical. Which brings us to change #4: We have a new Program Assistant, Casey Trujillo! Let me introduce you…

The new COMS Program Assistant, Casey!

The new COMS Program Assistant, Casey!

Q: What is your educational background?

Casey: I’m from Minnesota, born and raised. I graduated from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities w/ a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Theatre Arts.

Q: What did you do before coming to USF?

Casey: I was working full time in Finance at San Francisco Ballet.

Q: What do you like about USF so far?

Casey: I love being back in the academic atmosphere! The faculty and staff here have been especially warm and helpful as well.

Q: When is your office (KA 313) open and what can you help students with?

Casey: My office is open from 8:30 am to 5 pm. Students can come to me with any guidance they need about their COMS or ADVT major/minor. I will either help them answer their questions or lead them to the right person who can assist them.

Q: First impressions of USF and the COMS Department?

Casey: First impression of USF: The campus is stunning and everyone has been so friendly, casual, and helpful.

First impression of the COMS department: the students that I’ve met are so incredibly friendly. I’m hoping that it stays this way! Also, the faculty have been very communicative with me so far. How fitting! 😉

Q: Random facts about yourself that you don’t mind sharing?


  • I perform improv through an organization called Leela right here in San Francisco. I have performances monthly. If you’re ever interested in coming to a show, feel free to let me know!
  • I collect carnivorous plants as one of my hobbies. I find them to be incredibly fascinating, yet challenging to grow.
  • I grew up in an extremely rural community. My small town in Minnesota had a population of 991 people!

We are happy to have you here, Casey! Please make him feel welcome next time you are in K-Hall!