Welcome to the Communication Studies Department!

We in the Communication Studies Department are so happy to welcome our new first year and transfer students to the major and to USF! We hope that you find your time here to be rewarding and that you take advantage of the many opportunities in the department and at USF.

We met most of our 69 new students yesterday at the Orientation to the Major session. Check out the pictures below of our new students and the faculty:

Don’t our new students look smart? And doesn’t it look like the faculty talked a lot? (We did). We gave an overview of our major, talked about special opportunities, such as research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and internships, and, of course, talked about our social media as a way to learn about the department and connect with other students and alums. I know I am a bit biased, but I think we have a wonderful community here in our major and I hope that you, new students, feel part of it and at home here.

Special thanks to the Lambda Pi Eta officers, President An Mai, Vice President Cayden Berkmoyer, and Secretary/Treasurer Jamey Padojino for joining us to talk about Lambda Pi Eta, the mentorship program, and internships. A shout-out to GO Team Leader, Communication Studies major, and LPH member Alyssa Micciche for attending the session as well!

Welcome to USF and to the Communication Studies Department! Any advice for our new students? Comment back!


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